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Yep, I'm still kicking. For all my Watchers that have been waiting for a little writing check out the Prologue to my story Seijyuken. Not much to say other than that so see you all around.
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The Seijyuken; 16 legendary weapons crafted by the Four Heavenly Kings, Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku, and Byakko. People have fought and searched their whole lives to obtain these sacred arms since ancient times. Some sought them for the power to conquer, others for the power to protect, and some for sheer profit. So far none have succeeded and for years it was widely believed that the weapons were mere myth thanks to their rarity and the rumor that they are imbued with certain abilities.

However, that won’t stop one group from trying…

June 3, 2011, 11:15 AM.

What was a once vibrant and culturally rich rural Mexican village now stands as a modern ruin inhabited only by lifeless bodies of all genders, shapes, and ages. The one responsible for this indiscriminate massacre is Timothy Siler, General of the Howitzer Corps division of the Siler Army. His prime objective is to obtain a weapon thought only to be a myth; the fabled Bow of Quetzalcoatl.

“Hurry it up, guys, we’ve been out here long enough!” Timothy growls while wiping his brow, “If that damn bow’s not here I’m gonna kick Andrew’s ass”

The General is a medium-sized 26 year old Caucasian man with a constant conceited grin that is a proud native of Siler City, North Carolina. Though he is a high ranking officer in the Siler Army his mode of dress is anything but professional. He wears nothing but a worn out and bloodstained motorcycle vest, gloves, jeans, and boots. Stitched to the back of his vest are the words “WHITE KNIGHTS OF SILER CITY” above a white knight slaying a green dragon that is supposed to represent the organization Sentai and the city of New Greensboro. His dyed blonde hair has been dressed into a mini-mohawk that his older brother despises. Holstered at his waist are two large black pistols.

Though he led the attack, Timothy’s personal footsoldiers, the Panzolves, are doing the lion’s share of the searching. These anthropomorphic wolf/tank hybrid androids are roughly the size of an adult male and are dressed in traditional Nazi foot soldier uniforms.

“We’re moving as fast as we can, General” replies a Panzolv in a typical semi-robotic masculine tone

Having been born and raised in the southeastern United States, Timothy has never been a stranger to the heat. But the hot Mexican sun beating down on his sedentary body coupled with the dry conditions around him has opened the floodgates of sweat.

“Well, move faster! You might not feel the heat but I’m burnin’ up!”

Timothy’s grumblings are answered by an eerie green light from within the home in front of him. Seconds after the light fades a brown snake-like creature with green and gold feathers erupts from the home with a roar; sending that portion of Timothy’s forces bursting out with it. Though this creature bears a direct resemblance to Quetzalcoatl, it has the Chinese symbol for “Snake” engraved in gold on its forehead.

“What the hell?!”

Timothy draws his guns just as his General, Luftwadler , rushes out of a nearby home with another squad of Panzolves. Luftwadler is an anthropomorphic eagle/fighter plane hybrid dressed in a Nazi general’s uniform complete with black boots and the trademark officer’s cap. Instead of a rifle like the Panzolves, Luftwadler is armed with turrets in his talons and bladed wings.

“Gott im Himmel! I thought we were after a bow, General?!”

“So did I”

But as quickly as it came, the serpent leaps over Timothy and his unit and kicks up a cloud of dust as it fiercely burrows underground and disappears. Timothy and Luftwadler carefully approach the chasm with the Panzolves ready with their guns.

“What was that?” asks Luftwadler

“I’m guessin’ that was the bow…” Timothy groans while he runs his hands through his Mohawk, “…Andrew’s gonna be pissed”


The small town of Siler City. At first glance this relatively quiet small town and its standard population of Whites, African-Americans, and Hispanics would be the last place one would expect to house an international criminal empire started by the Siler Family in the 1930's. But don’t be fooled, there’s a reason why the paramilitary organization Sentai is keeping a close eye on Siler City and its inhabitants. Today, the city’s five most prominent people are meeting in City Hall’s Conversation Room to discuss the results of Timothy’s mission.  

Taking his position at the head of the roundtable is Mayor Andrew Siler. He is a tall, fair-skinned Caucasian man of 45 years and his age shows in his slightly wrinkled face and medium-length brown hair, cut neatly and professionally. His eyes a piercing green, indicating his English/German heritage and his body is quite powerful and muscular for a 40 year old. He looks the part of a Mayor in his black Armani suit, pants, and loafers.

“Are we all here?” Andrew looks around and notices that one of their siblings is missing, “Where’s Ingrid? Clayton?”

To the left of Andrew is Clayton Siler, a fair-skinned young Caucasian man and the youngest brother of 23 years. Though he and Andrew are equally tall, Clayton is more lean than muscular and his pretty boy good looks make him a hit with the ladies. When he was a teenager he wanted to emulate his favorite Anime and J-RPG heroes and decided to dye his long black hair silver; but he has since gone back to his natural color at the ladies request. Despite this he is more of an Anime and RPG fan than ever.

“Now Andrew, chill out…”

Clayton is the only American-born, full blooded Siler with a southern accent despite the fact that the core family has lived here their whole lives.

“…When I went to wake ‘er up she mumbled somethin’ and went in the bathroom to freshen up. I figgerd she was gettin’ ready so I left the house and came on down here”

Andrew growls and shakes his head. “Damn you, Clayton. She probably went back to sleep as soon as you left”

“But Andrew, I didn’t wanna disturb ‘er. I wanna make ‘er feel welcome, like she’s one of the family”

“She is. But that doesn’t mean you should let her walk all over you” Andrew adds

“Aw, Ingie wouldn’t do that. She’s a good girl, a bit of a sad sack but with what she’s been through I can’t blame ‘er”

“Sad sack is an understatement” Timothy adds with his feet propped up on the table, “That girl does nothing but sleep half the day, eat, shit, and read those depressing-ass foreign books that she bought with her. I can’t believe she’s related to us”

At perhaps the most inopportune time the doors swing open to reveal none other than Ingrid, the oldest and only sister.

“Oh, shit!” Timothy quickly turns his head to avoid her steely gaze

This slender, attractive young woman looks to be around 23 years old and has the fair skin and blue eyes that highlight her Swedish and English/German heritages. Her light blond hair has been styled into a stylish up do and her cleavage inducing black dress and matching boots match her chic mode of dress. But her eyes are glazed and she wears an uninterested frown like she doesn’t want to be here.  

“I heard that, Timothy” she has a light Swedish accent but it is barely detectable thanks to her soft voice

“What?! I didn’t say nothin’, Ingrid. I’d never talk about my loving, caring little sister behind her back” he stammers while cutting his eyes to see Ingrid’s blue eyes still on him, “S-stop starin’ at me, damn it! I said I was sorry! You’re creepin’ me out!”

“Hmph” Ingrid takes her seat beside Clayton

“And where were you, young lady?” Andrew asks

“I overslept. No more, no less” she calmly answers, “So why are we here? Did Timothy mess up the mission?”

Andrew turns to Timothy, “Well? Why don’t you tell dear sister what happened?”

“Well, after I cleared out the village—”

“Wait, what do you mean “cleared out the village?”” Ingrid asks

“I killed everybody, what do you think?”

Ingrid just rolls her eyes despite the pit welling in her stomach. “Of course”

“Get over it. They were just a buncha poor-ass Mexicans, they’re better off where they are now” Timothy remarks, “Anyway, when my men were looking for the bow, this giant green snake with feathers popped out of one of the houses and dove underground before we could do anything. I saw a Chinese symbol on its head so I figured that was the bow”

A vein begins to swell on Andrew’s forehead. “So why did you not go after it?!”

“You expect me to go underground after a big snake?! I got a girl waitin’ on me, Andrew, I can’t be doin’ crazy shit!”

“What I expect is for you to do your job! What would father say if he heard your cowardice?!”

Timothy leans back and puts his hands behind his arms in response. “I know he wouldn’t want me to get killed lookin’ for some mystic bow”

“Oh, so killing innocent people is any more redeemable?” Ingrid asks

“I don’t give a fuck about no Mexicans!”

“You should “give a fuck” about your horrible grammar. How is it that I can speak English better than you and I wasn’t even born in an English speaking country?”

“You wanna go?” Timothy seethes while standing up to confront his younger sister

But Ingrid is not intimidated by his boasting and keeps her eyes on Timothy.

“Sit down, idiot”

“Idiot?! You better apologize now, NOBODY calls me an idiot!”

Timothy draws his right pistol and takes a shot at Ingrid but by quickly channeling her Water Kiryoku into her breath and combining it with the cool air via the air conditioning she is able to breathe a cloud of breath that freezes his bullets.

“Damn you!”

Timothy goes into his pocket for his switchblade but Ingrid calls on her Kiryoku once again to extend her arm, grab Timothy’s throat, and pin him against the wall.

“Ack! Let me go, you damn witch!”

“Did you let those people you slaughtered go?!” she asks with an icy stare

“Ingie, Ingie quit! That’s your brother!” Clayton pleads

“Only halfway” Timothy gurgles

“Enough, both of you! Ingrid, let him go”

Ingrid shoots Timothy a scowl before withdrawing her hand and storming out of the room.

“Where are you going? Ingrid, get back here!” Andrew calls

“She’s just a little shook up, Andrew” says Clayton

“Well she’d better get over it quickly if she wants to keep her job”

“Aww, Andrew”

“You know it’s true just as much as I do, Clayton. If we’re to build our city into a worldly destination then sacrifices must be made like anything in life” a stone faced Andrew points out, “If Ingrid can’t handle that then I’ll send her back to Sweden with her mother”

Clayton lets out a regretful sigh and rolls his eyes. “I’ll go talk to her”

“That would be best”

Clayton gets up from his chair and makes his way down the hall in search of Ingrid. But by the time he is in the parking lot, Ingrid and her black Saturn are speeding out of the parking lot.

“Ingie, no! I wanna talk to ya!”

But she peels out with no heed to her brother’s calls. The stressed Clayton heads for his purple Dodge pickup to go after her but Timothy and Luftwadler’s appearance stops him.

“Where y’all goin?” Clayton asks

“One of Andrew’s little spies called. That snake is bustin’ up Mexico City and he wants me to go after it”

“Oh. You need any help?”

Timothy climbs on his custom made chopper. “Tch! I’m gonna make a pair of boots outta that snake after what he put me through with that witch Ingrid”

“Aw, Timothy. That’s your little sister”

“So? She had no business puttin’ her cold-ass hands on me!” Timothy then cranks up his chopper and heads to the Howitzer Corps’ personal barracks, “Later!”

And so the latest struggle for the Seijyuken begins. But where the Siler Army are prepared to search far and wide for these mythical weapons they should be looking much closer to home...
Seijyuken: Prologue
As the title says this is the prologue for my story, Seijyuken (lit. Star Beast Swords). For visual aids as to what the Siler Family looks like check them out in my Deviation Folder, Oldies. Currently working on Chapter 1 now.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have so long as they aren't stupid. This is a serious project for me.
Okay, I've got a question to drop on anybody with a PS4, preferably someone who picked the system up within this year. I know there have been problems with the system at launch but what I want to know is if anybody knows if these problems have been resolved with the latest systems? Is it safe to buy one since it's been a while since launch?

The reason I ask is because I have enough cash to buy a PS4 and I really want one but am hesitant due to the issues I keep hearing about.
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Yep, I'm still kicking. For all my Watchers that have been waiting for a little writing check out the Prologue to my story Seijyuken. Not much to say other than that so see you all around.
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Meh
  • Watching: Toonami
  • Playing: Meh
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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Just your average art lover/prospective writer. If you wanna know more just ask. I gotta stress one little but important thing, though I designed my characters with SCIV and SCV's CAS feature their story and original concepts were swirling around in my head since 2004, long before either game was even created.

Hope you like what you see. I like meeting new people and making new buddies so feel free to add me :D

Current Residence: Somewhere in the Southeast
Favourite genre of music: Anything but Country and depressing songs
Favourite style of art: I appreciate all styles
Favourite cartoon character: Mami Tomoe

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